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Om Swastyastu, welcome, bienvenue,

Imagine a piece of heaven… A breathtaking view in gorgeous balinese nature, the soothing noise of the river and the lovely birdsong… Yes, this is what you get at the Fair Future Foundation – Capung Sakti Houses, in Ubud, Bali – Indonesia.

Situated in an untouched landscape, only two and a half kilometers (2.7) from the Ubud Palace or Ubud Market, the villas offer everything you can expect. A fresh infinity swimming pool, to cool down after a walk in the rice-fields, one modern kitchen to prepare a delicious meal (Villa Ganesha – only or on request), well decorated rooms and Air Conditioning in both Ganesha and Bramhâ Houses.

Our young staff will take care of everything you could need… Need to chill, practice yoga or get tanned? The new terrace (about 20m2 surrounding the rice fields) and the various resting places are here for you. Moreover, our masseur Kimot, will be there on demand, and will help you to relax even more. Please, check our page “Testimonials and Reviews“.

Fair Future Foundation – Capung Sakti Houses provides a various program of body massages, beauty treatments, and healing tools from traditional Balinese healers. We also suggest you, to look at what our foundation do, to help the poorest people. Download the Foundation brochure here.

One of the creator of this 100% Fair Houses, is the founder of the the Fair Future Foundation (an Swiss NGO based in Indonesia) and the founder of the Bali Sari Foundation, a State Approved Medical Organisation who’s 100% focused healthcare and clinic building (free healthcare for people in needs, in Indonesia). The now very famous “Fair Warung Balé(a social / education center / restaurant) is belongs the foundation too. There, you can eat/order delicious and savory Asian fusion, Indonesian, Balinese or French cuisine.

INFOBoth foundations gives 100% of its profits to the local population, to fund Health & Medical Care program for People in Need. The Capung Sakti Houses gives more than 80% of its profits to the Fair Future Foundation.

The experience and excellence you found there, you will retrieve in Capung Sakti Villas In the “Fair Future Foundation and Bali Sari Foundation”, people meet and share pieces of their life. This atmosphere will soon be taken up at the villas, and whether you rent the whole place or only a part of it, you will probably be surrounded by awesome people.

Remove yourself from the crowd, take time and relax. Feel the gentle touch of the Gods Island. Welcome to Capung Sakti Houese!

MC_VISA_JCBNote : Credit card are accepted in Capung Sakti Houses.

Om Santi Santi Santi Om, thank you, merci, danke, grazie, gracias, suksema, terimah kasih

Adobe-PDFThere is the first version of our first brochure. Please, download it here. You will have many informations about – Capung Sakti Houses. Enjoy it… With lights, love and happiness.

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